by EJ Reyes, Thomas Sheehan and Claire Barré

This is what the Denver/ Northern Colorado Press said:

"Open Stage Theater is having it's most exciting season opening yet - audiences will find intelligence, wit, enjoyable songs, clever lyrics, and artful staging in Dorian Gray."

"Dorian Gray is clever, intelligent and provoking."

"Moving, lively and entertaining songs."

"While it takes the audience through the underground of society and the darkness of the mind, it emerges with a light of hope at the end, and the message that we're all children inside."

"This powerful and entertaining version of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray explores human nature and what happens when our deeds, evil or otherwise, leave no identifying mark."

“Dorian Gray, with its depth and dark comedy, is sure to leave the Lincoln Center Mini-Theatre for Broadway soon. Patrons should buy their tickets now, while it’s still affordable."

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"The gods will grant you anything, Dorian. And if the gods won't, the demons in hell will. After all, demons have eyes too."